Wiznet Chips

WIZnet is a leading Add-on Internet Connectivity Provider for small devices in Ethernet and WiFi markets.

Founded in Korea in 1998 Wiznet has a long history of providing quality products for our diverse range of customers. You can find us around the web on Facebook, Twitter or on our Blog.

We are currently focused on working with customers like you and Open Hardware Platforms like Arduino and Leaflabs to provide easy Internet connectivity for all types of devices. 


Contacting WIZnet Technology 


3140 De La Cruz Blvd #103 Santa Clara, CA 95054

TEL: +1-408-320-4969

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Sales & Product Inquiries: 

Email:  sales_team@wiznettechnology.com


Product & Technical Inquiries: 

Please visit our support forum website or contact directly at support_team@wiznettechnology.com

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